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Storeroom Setup and Design

Reliability is more achievable than you think

An organized, properly managed, and efficient warehouse is a reliable warehouse. No matter the state of your storeroom, reliability is more achievable than you think! At PM2, we implement a 360 degree holistic plan to tackle the three steps to inventory reliability: Storeroom Excellence, Database Excellence, and Process Excellence. 

Symptoms of a Problematic Storeroom

Anyone who has inventory, has questions.  Do any of these sound familiar? 

Get your storeroom under control

You can count on PM2 to step in and design or redesign your storeroom or warehouse, develop an individualized plan, and see it through to completion. Let us help you get your storeroom under control! 

Our Storeroom Setup and Design Services

Here are a few of the services we specialize in:

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Storeroom Layout and Set Up

Whether you’re starting from scratch or redesigning your current storeroom, you know that proper design and implementation are required for efficiency. Let our experts work with you to ensure your layout meets OSHA requirements and decide the best way to organize your storeroom to fit your unique needs and processes.

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Equipment Specifications

You likely know that you need equipment such as shelves, bins, and cabinets, but the number of choices may feel overwhelming. We work with all these products every day, so we’ll know exactly what to recommend for your storeroom.

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Assembly and Installation

Whether you have new shelving or other products to assemble, companies often find they do not have the available resources to do the work. PM2 safely and efficiently assembles shelving and installs vending solutions on a regular basis, so you can avoid the learning curve and potential safety hazards.

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Inventory Consolidation

Consolidating multiple storerooms into one is a daunting process. We’ll work with you to decide how much space you’ll need, as well as how to use your space most efficiently. By determining these things before the move, you can reduce the cost of the consolidation process. Then we will actually preform the move for you so you can continue to do what you do.

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Storeroom Relocation

Whether you are moving to a new address or relocating within the same plant, there are many details to consider. Who is going to actually move the product? What is the most efficient use of the allocated space? What shelving and storage products are needed (and how many are needed for your inventory?). How will you label your new location and how will you maintain your data integrity through the move? Who is going to re-establish the data connections to the new locations in your system? PM2 is equipped to provide solutions to these and all of your relocation issues.

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Barcode Relabeling Projects

When you begin implementing changes to your database, you’ll likely find that barcode labels need to be changed. The old codes may not work with the new software system or they may require new information. Whatever the issue, PM2 will print and relabel all the products in your warehouse.

Let PM2 Transform Your Inventory, Databases and Processes Today.

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