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PM2 Equipment Reliability Services

PM2 strives each day to make our clients lives more reliable, first through our faith-based culture and second through our equipment reliability services.  We believe reliability requires 1) storeroom excellence, 2) database excellence, and 3) process excellence.  Our clients’ profitability depends on it as it is directly impacted by the reliability and uptime of their equipment assets. 

Inventory Justification for Reliability

PM2’s equipment reliability services will help you transition from reactionary to proactive inventory management.  We achieve this through developing / validating your assets, establishing their hierarchy, and developing / validating the related bill of materials.  Only then can we determine the appropriate spare parts to be stocked in your inventory and the most effective optimization.

Inventory Database Normalization

Once the assets and bill of materials have been validated, PM2 performs a professional catalog content build.  It starts with boots on the ground data collection utilizing proprietary data collection tools.  The data is then normalized via PM2’s standardized schema or your custom schema, if required.  Each part’s manufacturer and manufacturer part number are captured and updated in their own separate fields in the catalog.  Additionally, UNSPSC coding and cross referencing are completed along with attribute ranking & validation. 

Your Key to Reliability

Enhancing and maintaining the key data within our clients’ supply chain supports optimal purchasing, inventory, maintenance effectiveness and overall manufacturing reliability. 

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