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Equipment Reliability

Our Equipment Reliability Services

Have you found that the way you maintain your equipment is reactionary rather than proactive? Problems tend to be more expensive when you need to fix them as they come up. We’ll help you transition into a proactive equipment maintenance program so you can prevent issues before they happen. We do this through three steps:

We do this through three steps:

Once we’ve completed these steps, we can determine the appropriate spare parts to be stocked in your inventory and decide the most effective way to keep your equipment up and running.

Developing and/or Validating Your Assets

Establishing Their Hierarchy

Developing and/or Validating the Related Bill of Materials

Inventory Database Normalization

Once all your assets and the bill of materials have been validated, we start creating a professional content catalog. We begin by visiting your location and collecting data, then normalizing the data using our standardized schema or your own custom schema, as required. 

Every part, its manufacturer, and the manufacturer part number are recorded and updated in the catalog. We capture manufacturer name and number for every part, as well as determining attribute ranking and validation. We can also enhance with UNSPSC coding and/or cross reference your information to other data sources, as needed. When we help you enhance and maintain your data, you’ll reap the benefits of optimal purchasing, inventory, and maintenance effectiveness. All of these factors work together to produce overall manufacturing reliability.

Let PM2 Transform Your Inventory, Databases and Processes Today.

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