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PM2 Database Governance Services

For over two decades, PM2 has helped our clients resolve their database issues by building it, fixing it, or managing it.  You know what we’ve learned?  When we only build it or fix it, we sometimes return, at some point, to do it again.  Why? Because this isn’t what our clients do for a living.

Effectively maintaining a database takes time, experience, and an attention to detail that many companies don’t have.  Fortunately, they don’t have to. By outsourcing to PM2, our clients’ databases are not only built or fixed, they are professionally managed.  PM2’s Database Governance Services are based upon the creation, execution, and adjudication of rules.  Our program includes Data Governance which is the strategic approach and Master Data Management which is the tactical execution.  Simply said, our clients’ gain confidence in their data, as it is understood, trusted, controlled, and fit for purpose.  So, clients that team with PM2 for data governance are ensured high database quality, security, privacy, and reliability.

On-going Data Management

PM2’s team of experts will define, analyze, cleanse and normalize your database on an on-going basis.  New item set-ups, add/change/deletes and key metrics are processed, monitored, and reported as part of each client’s database governance program either by an on-site, full-time resource or via our off-site, centralized data governance team.  But it all starts with our Inventory Database Normalization Services.

Inventory Database Normalization

PM2 performs a professional catalog content build.  It starts with boots on the ground data collection utilizing proprietary data collection tools.  The data is then normalized via PM2’s standardized schema or your custom schema.  Each part’s manufacturer and manufacturer part number are captured and updated in their own separate fields in the catalog.  Additionally, UNSPSC coding and cross referencing are offered along with attribute ranking & validation. 


PM2’s Data Governance Services support a set of principles and practices that ensure high quality through the complete lifecycle of your data.  The benefits are probably obvious… better, leaner, cleaner data, which means better analytics, which means better business decisions, which means better business results.  So why wait?  Let PM2 help you see your data with new clarity!

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