Pm2 Foundation

People we see Every day

PM2 understands that the need for ministry doesn’t just happen in organizations, it happens every day and involves the people around us. PM2 has the ability to support
those in need. Sometimes, you just have to act… on the spot. Here are a few of their stories.

  • One of our own: We are each just a short step away from the most grievous financial decisions. A health matter caused one of our own to have to choose between making health care payments or food. The PM2 Foundation was available to help cover the expense until it became manageable again.
  • A friend:  As PM2 has experienced ourselves, one health crisis can take a thriving family and cast them into financial devastation. This happened to a family that had been a neighbor and friends for many years. A bike accident with head injury took away the family’s livelihood. The spouse had to take leave to take care of him. Care required a separate living space (near a specialty hospital) in another city and all sources of income were gone. PM2 joined others in helping this family until they could get back to their new normal.
  • Children’s friend: As people were deported due to immigration issues, families were separated. A fellow classmate of one of PM2’s children was separated from their parents. The high school aged child was a legal US citizen, and so was left to take care of her younger brothers and sisters. She was in school (an “A” student) and only weeks away from graduating. PM2, along with others, helped feed the family until she graduated and was able to get a job and sustain their living situation.
  • Local Business: A local business had to close their doors during covid causing the owners to have zero income for several months. Their attempts to move their business to online were not fruitful. PM2, along with others in the community, helped them cover their bills until they were able to open their store again.
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