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PM2 has been providing support in Haiti since 2010

PM2 has been providing support in Haiti since 2010, the same year that the big earthquake hit.

Since then, our PM2 family and friends have visited Haiti over a dozen times to serve the people there through providing food, shelter, clothing, education, literacy training, microbusiness opportunities, and more. 

During our visits, we’ve delivered chickens and donkeys to needy families, helped build schools and hospitals, provided clothes and seeds for farming, and more. Partnering with this community and seeing it grow and flourish has been an honor. 

PM2 Family and friends have been “boots on the ground” 6 times since then, providing food, shelter, clothing, education, literacy training, clean drinking water, health services, work for the unemployed, and micro-business opportunities for those in need. Each time we return home more hopeful than the year before.

Here is the summary of events from the most recent visit, Dec 2015-Jan 2016

December 2015-Jan 2016, members of the PM2 family and friends brought Christmas to a small mountain community in Haiti. This is the 6th year they have visited this same village. The people in Bayonnais have taught us so much; about our own sense of entitlement, about loving our neighbors, but mostly, about hope and remaining hopeful, regardless of our circumstances. Here are a few of the things accomplished on our most recent visit:

We delivered 3 goats and 16 chickens to children whose families were in the most need.

We fed the community three times.

We built a swing set for the kids (and adults!) to enjoy.

Papa Noel came to visit bringing each child a candy cane and a small toy.

Adults and children each received a gift of clothing.

We gave an impromptu lesson on vehicle maintenance that could provide a future income stream for one of our students.

We went to church and found a young man we have watched grow up in the community deliver the message; It was so good to see that this is what the community we have been supporting is fostering!

We supported the local economy by purchasing locally made items as gifts for those at home.

And we celebrated life in Bayonnais. This means something different there, where life is more tenuous than it is for us here in the US, yet seeing the joy on their faces as they share the events of their lives brings joy to our hearts.

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