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From baseline analysis to strategy and implementation, PM2 can solve the toughest inventory issue

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Real Control
Real Savings

PM2 saves you significant money through tighter management and deeper inventory knowledge

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The PM2 Leadership team together bring to you over 65 years of materials management experience

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PM2 is proud to have guided many businesses through their storeroom and inventory challenges

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PM2 Site

We assess your inventory environment and objectives to build a high level roadmap to achieve optimal management

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Intro Video


When Illinois Institute of Technology realized they had no data to feed into their new inventory management software... They called PM2!

Inventory Consulting

Whether you need a high level road map, a detailed analysis for making informed decisions, or an inventory optimization plan, PM2 can review, analyze, develop, and implement the strategic plans that make your inventory objectives attainable and ensure maximum return on investment.

Space Optimization

Does all of your inventory fit inside your current space? Does your storage layout meet OSHA requirements? Does it incorporate 5S best practices? Not sure? Let PM2’s experts design your space for maximum efficiency and compliance.

Warehouse Setup

Whatever your reasons are for designing or redesigning your warehouse or stockroom, it probably isn't something you do everyday. PM2 specializes in inventory, and only inventory. We can assist with or provide the layout, design, and drawings for your space.

Inventory Databases

Without rich, detailed, standardized data, even the best inventory management software in the world will not be effective. We develop high quality inventory databases and ensure the appropriate identifying and purchasing information is associated with each inventoried item.

Project Plan Implementation

Unlike many companies that simply make recommendations and leave you to make it happen, PM2 actually implements the inventory solutions we recommend, as well as those generated by your own company or others.

Warehouse Management

A well-managed warehouse can drive efficiency and cost savings throughout your entire organization. Put the power of PM2's warehouse management expertise to work for you today.

Catalog Content Services

Good catalog content is critical to running efficiently, maximizing sales, and minimizing returns. Let PM2 apply our broad industry and product knowledge to your catalog content needs so you can win more customers and realize the profits you deserve.

Software & Hardware Solutions

PM2 Control Center is an award winning, full featured computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). Let the experts at PM2 match the right software and hardware to your unique needs.

On Track Training

On Track by PM2